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Evy Jane is a darkly experimental electronic Alt 'n B duo (yes, I said ALT 'n B) from Vancouver comprised of (primary) singer Evelyn and (primary) beat maker Jeremiah (no last names needed; like Prince or Madonna... or Sinbad). Evy Jane is all about ethereal feel and soulfully sinister emotion and S-E-X. And what does that mean exactly? I have no idea (especially the S-E-X part... I think that spells 'trouble').

So instead let's play everybody's favorite band comparisons game. (It's like Plinko from The Price is Right, only even more thrilling!) To get you at somewhat of a starting point regarding Evy Jane's sound, think Dirty Projectors (Alt 'n B) meets Purity Ring (sinister soul) meets The Weeknd (I just wanted to say it because they predicted people would say it) meets Zambri (I like Zambri) meets Austra (like them too).

Most importantly, all you need to know is that Evy Jane writes good songs. And that's all we really want in life, right? Good songs? Shhh. That's a deal, friend. That's a deal. Anyway, get into these two. You'll be glad you did.

EVY JANE - Sayso by welovevalium
Published April 25, 2012



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