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Brooklyn's Ex Cops is anchored by dueling singers and multi-instrumentalists, Brian Harding (Hymns) and Amaile Bruun (Minks). Live, they are a band of four. Maybe it's five now, I think. But maybe not. I just work here.

Ex Cops plays shoegaze indie-pop that's well-structured and nicely layered. It's sweet. It's singable. It's dreamy. And it sounds a lot like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. But there's certainly room for one more good swirly indie pop band in this here town, right?

Of course there is. So come on in, Ex Cops. Get warm, grab a drink, and please play your honeyed tunes for us too. And then you can watch us all float away. Because that was some stiff drink we grabbed.

Ex Cops' sublime full-length debut is out January 2013 via Other Music Recording Company - an imprint of Fat Possum (The Walkmen, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Wavves, Youth Lagoon and lots more good guys, wouldn't you say?) and an offshoot of the NYC music retail store.

Published January 2, 2013



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