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Brooklyn's EXITMUSIC is the (married) duo of Devon Church and Aleska Palladino (BTW, Palladino plays Angela Darmody in "Boardwalk Empire" and that's a good TV show, but we'll save commentary on that for when we start Oh My Televisioness... which will also rule).

Anyway, EXITMUSIC are a good slowish (yeah I know that's not a word, Microsoft Word) band whose music is thoroughly, well, just kind of... smoky. Can a band be smoky? Apparently a band can because this band is. EXITMUSIC is also slightly haunting (you won't get scared, you'll just feel heavy-hearted nostalgia) and sorta swirly (not like My Bloody Valentine, more like a emptying drain).

On EXITMUSIC's Bandcamp page, there's a quote from someone saying their sound is like Radiohead (Exit Music... for a film? Get it?) meets Portishead. That sounds good to us, I guess. But can we also throw Beach House out there into the comparison ring too? Would you be mad at us if we did that because Beach House is also a male/female duo and thus a lazy comparison to make? We hope not. Never ever go to sleep mad at us, Rockness reader (cuz we might KILL you).

EXITMUSIC recently signed to Secretly Canadian and we're looking forward to that upcoming EP making our days a little more... smoky.

Published July 27, 2011



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