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Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC's EZTV is a band of three (singer/guitarist Ezra - guitarist Michael - bassist Shane - glockenspiel Nobody) that play sweet jingle-jangle that's an easy breezy delightfully chill time. Doesn't that sound like fun? Their kick back and relax and ponder your troubles jams have been compared to Big Star + Teenage Fanclub + Orange Juice and who am I to disagree with the opinions of others on the World Wide Intrasphere for I am just one music blob blobbing along in a sea of bloated blob bandwidth.

This band is pretty new and have only self-released a few "cuts" (music industry insider term - ask someone in "the biz" to decode) on the World Wide Intrasphere - so maybe consider this profile a super extra special hot recommend. Would you like to hear how I heard about EZTV? No, no, it wasn't a press release (!). Allow me to explain this wonderful story.

A little while back I was enjoying hand-listing a Dream Syndicate show (the Paisley Underground made the world go 'round for a minute once) on Whoa My Blobness and noticed the EZTV were opening. And I was like, “EZ who in the what now?" I immediately researched this band further via various streams and was delighted to find I enjoyed their songs. I'm pretty sure it was the jingle but the jangle had a lot to do with it too. So I decided to write and share these feelings with you.

I would love the opportunity to get your thoughts on a couple of good songs right now if that's cool with you. The first jingle-jangle jam is called “Trampoline" and it's about jumping and having fun, I'd imagine. But let me research that more once Wikipedia decides to create the page. The second jingle-jangle jam is called “Hard to Believe" and it's about someone who gets real incredulous whenever someone doesn't love them back.

Hope you like like I like!

Published December 1, 2014



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