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Fabric is a brand new band from Brooklyn featuring Christopher Sennott Burke, who was the original guitarist of Beach Fossils (and a darn good one, too) before recently moving on to new things. Fabric would be one of those things.

Don't get this band confused with those two other (side-project) bands from the current Beach Fossils members, Heavenly Beat and DIVE. I just wanted to throw that out there, because I'm here to help.

Now, admittedly, I haven't heard a whole lot of Fabric yet, but what I have heard has been pretty gosh darn good (note: I'm trying to swear less in 2012 – so far I've been sticking to that shit, too). Now would it be totally lame of me to say that what I have heard of Fabric sounds a little like The Strokes? If that would be lame of me, good thing I've never minded being lame. If I did, I never would have rediscovered my love of MC Hammer pants.

Maybe I should just say this is just good lo-fi fuzzy guitar pop that hums along fairly carefree. Is that better than saying The Strokes? No, it's not. Fabric is just getting started but recently played a show with another one of our recent favorites, Cuckoo Chaos. They have many more shows around the corner, too.

So let's just wrap this up for now. Basically what I'm telling you is this; keep your eyes and ears on this band. They're Rated Rookies all the way.

Published January 19, 2012



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