((Family Portrait)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Ok, this whole Glen Rock vs. Ridgewood, NJ thing is getting out of control. The neighboring towns keep dueling it out by dishing out good pop band after good pop band. For every Titus Andronicus and Liam the Younger and Average Girl that Glen Rock delivers, Ridgewood answers back ferociously with Real Estate and Ducktails and Fluffy Lumbers and now... Family Portrait.

Sure, it's all fun and games between these two towns now... but these types of things can easily turn volatile. And hey, I don't want another Tupac vs. Biggie situation brewing. Keep it clean, Ridgewood and Glen Rock. Keep. It. Clean.

Any-who... if you like the beach-y sounds of... Real Estate and... Ducktails and... Fluffy Lumbers... you'll like Family Portrait! Yeah-whooo! I'm joking when I make those comparisons, but it's a double joke on me because it's true.

Anyway, I really think it's up to Underwater Peoples to make sure this rivalry stays friendly and doesn't get out of control. They put themselves squarely in the middle of this "friendly" pop fight, after all. Make sure no one gets hurt out there.
Published November 4, 2010



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