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Written by Patrick McNamara

Everybody is going to talk about this band’s name. And since I am a person who is part of everybody, I will talk about this band’s name too. This band’s name is Fartbarf. Let’s move on.

Fartbarf are three gentlemen from LA. They play two vintage analog synthesizers and one set of drums of unknown year and origin. And they do so while wearing Neanderthal masks. This means I can’t describe their faces to you. However, for our purposes here, let’s assume all three are very attractive.

Now let’s talk about the music - because oftentimes that’s what’s most important when talking about bands. Fartbarf provide the lo-fi soundtrack to an ‘80s robot-pop dance party. It’s fun, happy, and joyful. Pristine production, this is not. (Analog synths, remember?) And that’s a Very Good Thing. Gloss has ruined many a good party.

If you want me to throw out some other bands that Fartbarf sound like I’m afraid I just can’t help you this time. I’ve got nothing. Maybe I’m all washed up. Perhaps it’s time to get out of the music blobbing game. I could just lie and say Pavement meets Fugazi and call it a day. But I won’t. (I thought robot-pop was pretty good, though.)

The following Fartbarf video makes me feel a little bit better about life. Neanderthal masks and all. The white NASA jumpsuits are something we'll tackle in another conversation on another day.

Published September 2, 2014



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