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Denton's Fergus & Geronimo (recently relocated to Brooklyn) are a duo that plays an eccentric blend of garage, lo-fi fuzz, a dash of soul, perhaps some punk, some sock-hop '50s-inspired stuff (seriously), and a whole smattering of slightly oddball pop straight from the year 2011. 2011 is the year of the oddballs... we've just decided that right now.

These guys don't really stick to one sound. They're clearly influenced by a lot of different genres and their disparate songs reflect that musical well-roundedness (these guys are like the liberal arts college of bands). Though their songs pull from all over the place, an overall aesthetic pervades: messy.

Is messy an aesthetic? I don't know. But I do know that Fergus & Geronimo's rock always comes at you kind of sloppy and... messy. But the disorganized melodies are definitely catchy and sticky anyway (in that slightly surreal sort of way). Fergus & Geronimo have their debut full-length album out now on Hardly Art (The Dutchess & the Duke, Woven Bones).

This band will be fun to see live. Messy makes for some of the best shows. Beer helps, too.
Published January 19, 2011



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