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Sweden's The Knife brought us strange electric emotion, big robotic beats, and a super solid record in "Silent Shout," propelling them to indie "it" band status for awhile, but really The Knife just always kind of creeped us out. Goth-industrial-dance done by two people behind scary masks just kind of has that effect on us. Plus, the light show was so spooky!

The Knife are currently in the middle of a "three-year hiatus," so we thought that gave us approximately 1000 days free of demented dancing vampire dreams. But guess what, The Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson has a new project called Fever Ray. And the beats are just as dance-y and addictive as The Knife's.

And yes, unfortunately, Fever Ray is just as creepy too. Uh-oh. Count Chocula and his crazy choreography will haunt our slumbers once again! Did you see Fever Ray's promo photo? Karin Dreijer Andersson's just staring at us underneath a huge painted-on skeleton smile. We'll be haunted by that image alone for months!

But if we ever get too scared listening to Fever Ray, we just need to remember that some of her songs just kind of sound like Madonna. And that makes us feel not as scared. Madonna is mostly just kind of silly.
Published June 24, 2009



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