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Field Mouse is a sweet and dreamy band from Brooklyn started by singer Rachel Browne and Andrew Futral (they're now a band of four, just so you know... your knowledge of how many people are in a band is my only goal, dear Rockness reader).

Field Mouse is the kind of band that makes me want to lie on top of a pile of warm fluffy towels for a few hours. I'd just lie there, gazing at my bathroom's mildew-y ceiling, and listen to these honeyed songs of indie-pop bliss. Maybe I'd wrap one of the warm towels around my face and smell its freshness as I listen, too. Who's to say? But to me, that sounds like a pretty pleasant way to spend an afternoon... listening to Field Mouse... smelling warm fluffy towels. (Some say I have too much time on my hands, but I don't see it.)

Oh yeah, if you liked Velocity Girl (if you didn't like Velocity Girl, what kind of monster are you?!?!) there's a great chance you'll like Field Mouse. That reference is perhaps a better sound association for Field Mouse than a pile of warm fluffy towels. But perhaps not.

Let's do an experiment. I want you to go to IKEA, buy some fluffy towels, go home, wash them, dry them, make sure you throw in some fabric softener (this is very important), fold them, lie on top of them, and listen to Field Mouse. What will you find? You'll find that Lou Reed was wrong. THIS is your perfect day, dear Rockness reader. This is your perfect day.

Published February 8, 2012



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