((Finding Fiction)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

We admit that deep down we're really pop at heart. You know, sometimes we just don't feel like the all-over-the-place angularity, and the shattering walls of sound, and the crazy layered techno tricks, and the vocal shreds. Sure we like that stuff... a lot. But c'mon, not ALL the time. It's bad for the blood pressure and bad for our wallet (too many Aleves).

Sometimes, we just want to sing to something nice in the shower; you know, like verses and choruses and things. It's early, but Brooklyn's Finding Fiction could be the new band that does that for us. Longwave was that band. So was Idlewild. We got mighty clean listening to those two back in the day.

Finding Fiction's songs are pretty damn catchy. Catchy enough that they make us want to get really dirty, just so we have an excuse to get back in that bath again.

So, we'll take Finding Fiction's music as a sign that it's finally time to start digging out back and see if we can find the buried door that unlocks the secret world of fairies, leprechauns and talking bears. We've been dreaming about that since we were six. Thanks for giving us the inspiration to follow our fantasies, Finding Fiction.
Published May 28, 2009



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