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Mississippi's Flight is a heavy-hitting trio that is kind of like a more rockin' Blank Dogs. It's got that same lo-fi, distorted, slightly goth thing going on. Flight has pretty crunchy guitars though, and I'm always a sucker for crunchy guitars (crunchy anything really... except mayo... not into crunchy mayo).

They also have pretty big time drum thumps that make you want to go out and get all boozy. Big time drums don't make you want to get boozy? Oh, well maybe that just means I'm the one with the problem.

Anyway, get into Flight if you want to get into a party band. Not a "pin the tail on the donkey" party, or even a "let's rub our bodies together" party (never was invited to those). Flight is more of a "let's get sloppy by ourselves" kind of party. Those parties are always awesome... no morning regret after those kinds of parties at all... oh wait.

In closing, Flight has this song "Witch Hunt Town" (told you they were kind of goth) that sounds EXACTLY like this song from Teen Wolf (I'm pretty sure it was played during one of that movie's 143 montages). Listen to it and tell me that's not Teen Wolf.
Published November 3, 2010



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