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Written by Patrick McNamara

Flowers is a super solid post ____ indie pop band from London. If you like sweet jingle jangle that dances with dope swirling distortion over sticky (and nicely sung) melodies then this just might be the trio for you, man.

Think early _____ meets late era ______ meets the best work of The _____ and you should be on the right track and I'm sorry I went for the low-hanging fruit with those band comparisons.

The band (singer Rachel Kenedy + guitarist Sam Ayres + drummer Jordan Hockley) formed circa 2012 A.D. and since then Flowers has played shows closer to home but as of this writing (1:12pm in The Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) they're set to play on this side of the Atlantic Ocean where I'm currently chilling, and if you're chilling on this side too when they do, you should totally go see them.

Flowers' most recent album “Everybody's Dying To Meet You" (their second) was released by the mighty fine record label Kanine and it's totally good and not only that, I've hooked it up so you can listen to the WHOLE THING right now without having to do anything other than press that little button that says play. Life is pretty good sometimes.

You know who else is good?


File Under: A Good Band

RIYL: _________!

Published May 9, 2016



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