((Fool's Gold)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

This band is all about the beats and the rhythms from beyond our borders. Fool's Gold is a Los Angeles collective. And collective is just a fancy word to say they have lots of members. I think as many as eight as of this writing. And some of these many members have also played in We Are Scientists, Foreign Born and The Fall. So that's neat.

But moving on, Fool's Gold makes mighty catchy music that sounds like African world-pop with a splash of soul and a hint of electro-ness. There are guitars and keys and saxophones and flutes and things, plus there is a ton of percussion. Much of this percussion is played with handmade instruments (side note: we know how to make a killer drum out of an empty plastic pad thai takeout bowl).

But most importantly, there's finally another band besides Vampire Weekend with a chance at receiving endless Paul Simon comparisons. Yee-haw! After all, if music sounds "worldly" in any way, it must be inspired by Simon's seminal album "Graceland" (no word yet on if Fool's Gold also finds inspiration in Chevy Chase).

Catch their show if only to see if they can fit all these members on a single stage. Also, check out Fool's Gold debut album on the rising IAMSOUND records (Suckers, Cut Off Your Hands, Telepathe).
Published September 9, 2009



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