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For Against is a band that's been around for a very long time (formed in 1984). But somehow I totally missed the boat on these guys. I just discovered them this month. 28 years late. Oh well. At least it wasn't 29, right? And man, these guys are one fine post-punk dream pop band!

For Against are from Lincoln, Nebraska but you wouldn't think that based on their sweetly shimmering shoegaze sound. You'd think London. Or Manchester. Or Liverpool. Or something. This is a very British guitar band who just happen to be from Middle America.

Did you ever get into that band The La's? You know, the "There She Goes" band? Yeah. You know. The best of For Against reminds me a bit of The La's. And maybe a way less neurotic and way more melodic Gang of Four. I wonder, too, if Explosions in the Sky might have been influenced by these guys.

Anyway, this is the kind of all around pleasant pop that you want to crank up and swirl around to. For Against have released a bunch of stuff (we are talking 28 years here), so if you too missed the boat and don't know where to start, you might want to begin with 2002's "Coalesced" album. And if you want to just check out one song, I suggest going all the way back and checking out their first single "Autocrat" from 1985. It's a good jam and will leave you wanting more. And luckily for us boat missers, there's plenty more where that came from.

Published August 29, 2012



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