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"The old again becomes the new" (me).... "and the seasons, they go 'round and 'round" (Joni Mitchell).... "I said, well Daddy don't you know that things go in cycles" (Q-Tip). (I give myself third place). Foxygen is the new Los Angeles duo of early twenty-somethings, Sam France and Jonathan Rado. These two dudes are tapping into a different time than 2012.

Together as Foxygen, they play '60s "inspired" (to put it mildly) pop that's swirly and hazy and druggy. It captures that musical era when rock and psych and hippy and pop all sort of merged to become something great. You know what I mean? No? Well, listen to the song below and you'll get the references to our musical past right away. Because the sound Foxygen is rocking is instantly recognizable - even to those who weren't alive when this sound first came 'round - which is most of us (hell, France and Rado's parents probably weren't around).

Foxygen have been compared to legendary "never die" artists like The Rolling Stones and The Kinks and David Bowie (please note: all of these comparisons were made by their label, Jagjaguwar). So if you dig, put a flower in your hair - gather a bunch of merry pranksters - do whatever it is you merry pranksters do - and then give Foxygen a whirl. Because..... "It's The Circle of Life. And it moves us all. Through despair and hope. Through faith and love. Till we find our place. On the path unwinding. In the Circle. The Circle of Life." (Mine was better than that one, at least.)

Published November 28, 2012



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