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Written by Patrick McNamara

Gainesville's Frameworks are either really pissed or really happy. Frameworks represents either the worst day of your life or the best. I can never tell when bands shred and shout with such abandon like this. Sometimes this means you’re mad as hell and you aren’t going to take it anymore! And sometimes this means you’ve seen that this is all there is and nobody cares and therefore you are finally free and everything right now is true and right and fine.

But enough about all that for now. We’ll have more time to talk further about this and other things while we spend those seemingly endless hours creating intricate sand art only to blow it all away. Sic Transit Gloria. Glory Fades.

These five guys slay. This is brutal. This is hardcore. This is punk. Got it? Frameworks are really loud, ok? Is that clearer than a tender teardrop? Great! But what I like about this band is not just that they’re loud (so is my obnoxious Aunt Janet - and that’s exactly why I haven’t been home for a Thanksgiving in ten years), it’s that Frameworks have all these pretty guitar melodies going on. And it’s like these pretty melodies exist to give the drums a hug or something.

(Frameworks have an amazing drummer, btw - not sure if it’s Luke or Ryan or Cory or Andy or Matt - but kudos to whoever it is - and this aside ramble either proves i don’t do much research for these things - or i don’t write straight from press releases - how generous do you feel today?).

Ahhh, I’ve always been such a sucker for pretty guitar melodies mixed with punk. Because those pretty guitar melodies provide the uplift in these tricky times of heavy distraught. Can you feel me on that, dear Rockness reader? It’s like, rock me out, FOR SURE. But at least leave me with the tiniest GLIMMER of something resembling ANYTHING that just may be the faintest ray of LIGHT, man. Frameworks do this extremely well.

Go ahead and give this band a stream. Does it make you angry? Or, does it make you realize that this beautiful life is but a dream?

Dust in the wind, dudes.

Published November 5, 2013



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