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This is Nothin But Nice*. So let’s hear it for more easy-breezy guitar jingle-jangle! No, seriously. I want to hear it from you. What? You prefer to just silently read on? OK. Fine. Have it your way. But I was really looking forward to conversing. I never get to ask about YOUR day.

Super smooth band, Free Time, is led by Dion Nania. He’s originally from Melbourne (the new jangle capital of the world) but is now based in NYC (the new york capital of the world). He's kept himself busy collaborating with other solid jingle-my-jangle Australian bands like Scott & Charlene’s Wedding (who are also in NYC now) and Twerps (don’t know where they are these days - they never call anymore).

Nania started Free Time in 2012 and then slowly solidified a full band of four (including Jonah Maurer of Real Estate - and I’m sure the other two members, Adrienne Humblet and Michael Mimoun, have done super chill things too). They’re easy on the ears, I’ll tell you that much. Put on Free Time and everything’s fine. Everything’s chill. I’m OK. You’re OK. And nothing bad will ever happen to you or anyone you know. Wow. Who knew jingle-jangle had so much power? I hope jingle-jangle knows that with great power comes great responsibility.

Free Time’s debut album is coming out soon on the lovely label, Underwater Peoples (Ducktails + Ice Choir + Spectrals + just so much more - you can’t stop the goodness over there; you can only hope to keep up with it). I bet it’s going to be pretty pleasant. Their solid song below suggests so, anyway (never mind that the title is "I Lost Again").

*that’s the title of a Free Time song - but you probably would’ve been able to figure that out without the footnote - footnotes are so fun though.

Published May 8, 2013



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