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Written by Patrick McNamara

If you’re ready for a lo-fi good time please consider reading the following words. If not, come back when you feel the time is right. They'll still be here waiting for you with open arms on the World Wide IntraSphere.

Furnsss is a fuzzy crunchy jingle-jangle band of four (Brendan + Parker + Jeremy + Nathan) from Burlington, CT - a town of 8,190 nestled 2 hours and 19 minutes from Brooklyn and 2 hours and 10 minutes from Boston. Please note: figures entirely dependent upon current traffic and if Wikipedia has Burlington's most recent census data.

But enough geography (Michael Jordan’s major at UNC). You wanna know what the fuck this band sounds like. Pointed and well put. Furnsss sound like a good goddamn INDIE ROCK band. That's what they sound like. Remember INDIE ROCK, man? Do you remember? Have you forgotten? Is 1994 just a number to you? Can you still feel the butterflies?

If you also want me to toss out some other band names to help steer you down the right sound path what if I told you that Furnsss have recently played shows with Two Inch Astronaut and Baked and that I totally wrote profiles on those two fine bands too. Seriously! Click their names if you don’t believe me and after reading up on them maybe you’ll have more of an understanding as to what Furnsss is all about. Or, maybe not. You could just be left right where you started...which is where you are now...which is everywhere and nowhere...the exact place you’ll always will be. Damnnnnn.

I don’t know, man. Maybe I should have just said Furnsss = Modest Mouse meets Pavement. (oops! just did!)

The band recently released a new full-length album in late November 2014 A.D. It’s called “Silent Gold” and it follows their self-titled debut released a looooong time ago (what was 2012 even LIKE, mannn?). You can stream the whole thing below if you want. You should want. It’s a lo-fi good time. And we end at the beginning from where we started. Forever and Ever. Amen.

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Published December 15, 2014



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