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Future of What is not the third album from Unwound on Kill Rock Stars. I mean, it is. But it's not the subject of our chat together today. For this current chit-chat, Future of What is a very good up-and-coming Brooklyn band led by Blair (formerly of... you guessed it... Blair) + Sam Axlerod (ex-The Narrator - they were good) + Max Kotelchuck.

This is sublime, electronic synth pop that mostly sounds pretty. But sometimes it sounds like heartbreak and at other times it just sounds like a party in heaven (which is one of their song titles and it's perfect). Future of What are propelled by Blair's bright, enchanting vocals, which can be compared a little bit to Olga Bell or maybe Purity Ring's Megan James. Her voice is forceful but unencumbered. I'd be perfectly fine floating away to this. I'll tell you that much, bub.

And again like Purity Ring*, things get a little freaky with the electronic breakdowns too, so that always makes things interesting - especially if you have a freaky electro fetish - hey, no judgements here.

(*please note: Future of What doesn't really sound THAT much like Purity Ring - let's not get out of control here - probably should go with Chairlift before you go with Purity Ring - or you could just go with nothing because why does everything always have to be a comparison with you?!?!).

Anyway, check out these Future of What jams below. And also check out Unwound's third album for Kill Rock Stars. It rules. But that's another conversation for another time - another place.

Published January 9, 2013



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