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Written by Patrick McNamara

Ghost Thrower are a NYC/Boston band (I don’t know what that means, man, that’s just what my quick fact checking on the World Wide Intrasphere tells me) that play snappy happy pop punk even if the songs are sometimes about feeling bad and sad and welcome to the void. That’s why it works so well. It’s all about that contrast, man. Can’t have those pretty sunsets without those clouds, tho.

This band of four (singer/songwriter/guitarist Travis! instrument player Zak! different instrument player Sal!) have been playing around for a bit. In fact, Ghost Thrower’s very good catchy peppy super shiny solid debut full-length (elegantly titled “Ghost Thrower”) was released two ticks and three shades past one calendar year ago. Whoa. That’s so old. What was late 2013 even LIKE, mannn? But I’ve only recently gotten into it now and what’s cool about music and its industry is you can go back and listen to a band you missed the first time around and not have to worry that anyone is going to give you a hard time about writing a new profile for a band that has been around a bit.

Ghost Thrower might also be new to you. Maybe you missed them too. If so, please remember The Golden Rule: it’s never too late to get into somebody good. If you let something like time hold you back, well, don’t let that social construction bully you around like that, man. It’s never, ever, ever, too late to get into the goodness (until it’s too late - that contrast, tho).

You can go ahead and stream the full-length down below. I think you’ll like it because that’s how this works. I’m not trying steer anybody astray here. This music blob is all about finding delight together. I do believe Ghost Thrower qualifies as that. Yes. This band is a goddamn delight. I said it. I believe it. So help me blob. More good news. If you do like this ancient one-year-old album (did they even have the iPhone 6 in 2013, mannn?) we’re probably due for a new record by these guys really soon. I'll check on that the next time I do research on the World Wide Intrasphere and let you know. For now, I can only check my #heart.

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Published October 27, 2014



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