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Belfast's Girls Names play good guitar jingle-jangle. You may know this already. But if you haven't visited them in awhile, they used to sound brighter than they do now. Now they occupy a gloomier place in space. Psych-y jams are best when they live in the shadows of the stars, after all.

Girls Names take you on a cold journey towards mind expansion, man. Just let these hauntingly blissful songs come and wrap themselves around your headspace. Inhale these trippy melodies, then exhale when you want and watch all that doubt creep out.

The band's excellent record label, Slumberland (The Pains, Veronica Falls, Frankie Rose and etc. etc. to the etc.) compares them Echo and the Bunnymen and The Birthday Party and David Bowie during one "Low" moment in time. Sounds good, Slumberland. Maybe Joy Division covering Beat Happening too?

Also, do you know that band, Black Marble? You will if you click that link. Girls Names would be a perfect touring partner for that Brooklyn band. Just throwing that out there to the bookers and tour managers everywhere - free of charge. That's how I do. When I'm not tripping in space with Girls Names, of course.

Published February 28, 2013



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