((Gold Fields)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Gold Fields are a synth-y pop band of five gentlemen from Ballarat, Australia. This is completely accessible music that is enjoyable to listen to as you go about your monotonous day-to-day activities. Perhaps Gold Fields will make running to the post office or dropping off your laundry (note: this profile written by a New Yorker) just a little bit brighter.

This band's pleasantly danceable jams will certainly offend no one - except for people way too ALT to admit they like pop music (and I have one thing to say to those people who go around telling people they don't like pop music - your opinions are being formed from a place of insecurity and therefore cannot be trusted by yourself or by others - just thought you should know!).

Gold Fields remind me a whole lot of Friendly Fires - another good accessible synth-y pop band. As of this writing, these first rate Australian mates (when in Rome... I mean... Ballarat) are playing shows with Diamond Rings (hey I wrote about that guy!) and St.Lucia (hey I wrote about that guy too!).

Gold Fields' debut full-length is coming out on Astralwerks. It's recommended for people who like good pop much (which is everybody except dangerously misguided individuals - YOINKS!).

Published November 23, 2012



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