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Now this is just getting ridiculous. Eric Richter keeps forming bands that totally rule. What's this guy's deal, anyway? Why should he have a seemingly endless supply of hits at his disposal when most bands don't even flirt with a single one? (I don't care if none of Richter's songs have been "hits" in the traditional radio-top40-whatever sense either... they all sound like hits to me.)

First it was Christie Front Drive... then Antarctica... then The 101... and now comes Golden City (featuring not just Richter, but also Jim Lehnhoff, Chris Peterson and Jeremy Jones). Granted, I've only got three of their songs, but I've played those three songs about thirty times already. And I started singing along to each of them at approximately listen number two. Listen and you'll see what I mean.

Like all of Richter's previous bands, Golden City rocks out in a most melodic way. They probably fall somewhere in-between indie-pop and indie-rock. The guitar lines are super pretty and Richter's vocals sound better (and higher) than ever. If you couldn't tell, I really, really like this band.
Published March 12, 2010



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