((Gossip)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Olympia's The Gossip have a clear mission: to make you dance while kissing their ass. That ain't gonna be easy since I only dance when I have at least 5 Sparks in me. And they have to release a few more albums before I'd consider kissing their ass. But I have to admit, their bluesy-garage-rock-with-an-attitude escapades are definitely catchy (although tapping my foot is as far as I'll come to dancing to it).

The Gossip write around two-minute songs complete with drumming overload, riot inducing guitars, and plenty of wails from vocalist Beth (one name, like Madonna). This is a band whose songs sound like a temper tantrum. They unleash their power in furious outbursts and before you know it, it's over and it's time to regroup.

They have toured with bands like The White Stripes and Sleater-Kinney. On the side, guitarist Nathan (one name, like Prince) plays in the overlooked Die Monitr Batss, and all are advocates in the gay and lesbian indie rock community. If you like Le Tigre, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or dancing sober, you'll like The Gossip.
Published March 16, 2010



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