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Gothic Tropic is an L.A. trio featuring vocalist/guitarist Cecilia Della Peruti, Daniel Denton on bass and Liv Marsico on drums. They kind of do a psych-pop-funk-noise thing. Wait. Stick around.

Gothic Tropic are better than that description made them sound because that description is just throwing random genres separated by dashes at you and hoping one of 'em will stick. But to be fair, this band really DOES mix up the styles and sounds and genres a whole damn lot - and all often in one song. So it's not really my fault.

The first Gothic Tropic song I heard was "Monkey Bars." And twenty seconds in I immediately thought, "Ok, this band is going to sound like The Rapture" (it's 95% the same bass riff as The Rapture's "Out of the Races And Into The Tracks" - try listening to both at home and you'll see... you'll see). But it was pretty apparent a few seconds later when they start this noisy psych-jam-out adventure that this band does not sound like The Rapture. At all.

Oh hey, remember Blood on the Wall? Gothic Tropic kind of reminds me of them... but like more bluesy... and eccentro-poppy.... maybe. See. I'm doing it again. Just seeing what sticks.

No. Forget that. I'm not taking the blame for my difficulty defining this. Just listen to Gothic Tropic yourself and you'll see what I mean. I will then be absolved of all responsibility for the band profile content herein.

Published July 26, 2012



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