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Perfect name for this band. Grandchildren are a constant, crazy this-way-then-that-way flurry of motion after all, right? Well, so my Grandma says. I think she's still catching her breath from when we were eight. So we liked to climb up doorframes and squawk like a monkey in our under-roos? Spank us.

Philadelphia's Grandchildren are a really good, interesting band with an entirely engaging sound. What the hell does that mean, engaging? I guess it means that when I listen to these guys their overall energy pulls me in: the uplifting math rhythms and caffeinated tempos and scattershot glitch-y click-ness. You know, they "engage" me.

But I guess I should attempt a better job at musical description here. How to describe this... hmmmm. Well, if you like, imagine if The Dodos were a band of six, instead of a band of two. Now imagine that those extra members provided more noise and all-over-the-place scattered sonic gusto. Your imagination might leave you with Grandchildren. Or maybe not.

I guess it's just the fast-stop-start-go acoustic guitars that remind me of The Dodos (I'm thinking specifically of the song, "Saturn Returns.") When they get all electro, they don't sound much like The Dodos at all. But they do kinda sound like Animal Collective when those pretty harmonies come in. Yoinks!

Not really though. Ultimately, this band just sounds like Grandchildren. They've recently played shows with Toro y Moi, Battles, and The War on Drugs. And they're going to play a lot more shows, too. Grandchildren are just too good (i.e. "engaging") to stay at home and climb up doorframes.
Published February 3, 2010



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