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Written by Patrick McNamara

Grass is Green is a Boston band. They play the good punk. And since the good punk goes all “bend. stop! reeeeeach. stop! screeeech. stop. stab! jab! look out! settle down! what’s that? BAM!” it probably should be called "post-punk." But I’m not going to call it that. Even though I just did. By saying I’m not going to. And that, friends, is the best muzik blob trick I know.

These four guys (Andy! Devin! Michael! Jesse!) are good though. Grass is Green remind me of June of 44. And that’s a sharp compliment I’m slinging right there because I was just about the biggest June of 44 fan there was (I still have those really cool limited ship stamps that came with “Tropics & Meridians” and I wanted to get a tattoo out of one of them but I never did because I got a Michael Jordan tattoo instead and perhaps I’m getting off track here).

Grass is Green’s sound is also most certainly influenced by Dischord and all the raw angular guitarness punks on that label like Shudder to Think and Hoover and Nation of Ulysses and Lungfish and Fug….well, you get it. (June of 44 wasn't on Dischord - they were on Quarterstick.)

The band put out a 7” called “Split Dicks” in 2012 (with the similarly fine Boston punker rocker band Two Inch Astronaut). And on their Facebook, Grass is Green say they play “post-dick wave.” Now, I know nothing is really a pattern until you have at least three - and I’d love to tell you that Grass is Green's upcoming album for Exploding In Sound Records (who have also put out fine releases for fine bands like Ovlov + Fat History Month + Krill + etc. etc.) is called “Dickie Thon” or something - because that would have made this perfect - but sadly, life isn’t perfect. And that upcoming album is called “Vacation Vinny.” Son of a dick.

In summation of a whole lot of nothing, you’re going to like this band. They rock the guitar goodness that people are going to call "post-punk." But not me. No sirree. That's not what I'm calling Grass is Green. I’m just calling this BEND! STOP! REACH! STOP! SCREECH! STAB! JAB! LOOK OUT! SETTLE DOWN! WHAT’S THAT? BAM!

Published December 3, 2013



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