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Canada's Grimes is actually Montreal's Claire Boucher. I guess you can call this ethereal atmospheric electronic music, but then you'd probably want to walk away from this profile at best and... well... let's not get into worst case scenarios here.

You and I both know that what I just said to describe Grimes' music means absolutely nothing. After all, Enya (and whatever Enya’s sister or cousin or whoever that relative was who was riding Enya’s coattails for a while there circa 1994) could also be described as ethereal atmospheric electronic music. And Grimes doesn't sound like Enya. You heard that here first. "Ethereal" music like this is hard to describe. That's why people say things are "ethereal." No one questions "ethereal."

Let's start over and try to do a better job of describing Grimes. How about this, "Grimes sounds like a pop triumph!" Oops, that's another thing that doesn't mean anything. How about, "Whatever Grimes is; chillwave and Dub Step this is not." Closer. How about, "Don't walk! I command you to RUN and see Grimes play!" Farther. Ok, final try. "Grimes is good music made with good machines and sung by a good singer who has a good voice." BOOM! (Grimes also sounds like whales jumping out of the sea in slow motion.)

Published January 11, 2012



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