((GRMLN)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

GRMLN is a good alt-rock-power-sock-hop-chill-garage band. Yes. That’s just what they are. And it's all wonderfully made by California, Orange County via California, Santa Cruz via Japan, Kyoto resident, Yoodoo Park. By the way, Kyoto’s an amazing place. You should totally go there. Is this a poorly hidden brag to let you know that I’ve been to Kyoto? Yes. Yes it is. Just let me have this. You can have that you don’t own a TV. Or that you have a lot of Follow Likes.

GRMLN certainly like guitars. That’s cool. I do too. We should hang out. GRMLN also like creating catchy musical parts for those precious guitars to play. But they go all over the place. Sometimes these parts are sunny and nice and peaceful and noodle-y - as if they were made while set adrift on a windless sea. And sometimes these parts are just straight riffy - as if they were made three feet away from your oil leaking K car and your random assortment of half inflated sporting balls.

Overall, if I HAD to say (which I don’t - because this isn’t real life), I would say that GRMLN’s music is fairly chill. But don’t turn your back on it. Don’t you do that. Because this music could stab you in the back. Which isn’t very chill at all. But in this case, no. It is. It is chill. GRMLN will stab you in the back with guitar jabs, to be sure. But those stabs are done out of love, mannnnn. GRMLN don’t wanna cut ya. GRMLN just wanna rock ya.

If you like Wild Nothing you should check out GRMLN. Maybe not a totally 100% best comparison because GRMLN are a little... NO. WAIT. It is the best comparison. Because saying it’s not is a cop-out. If I’m gonna go ahead and throw out a band comparison I might as well stick to it. I’m not going to throw out a band comparison in a way where it seems like I’m above my OWN comparison. I don’t roll my muzik blob that way, son! (example: “Many people say GRMLN sound like Wild Nothing and of course that would be the EASY comparison to make HOWEVER when you REALLY...”). Pffffft. Please fart me on all that.*

(*careful readers will see that i did just do what i hate but i just did it in a different way therefore i am a fraud and oh wells because this is all a game - YOINKS!)

Maybe I’ve said too much already. Maybe you should just stream this good GRMLN song. It’s called “Teenage Rhythm.” And it’s from the band’s album “Empire” that recently was released via Carpark. You know Carpark, don’t ya? Thought so. Anyway, you’re going to stream more than just this one GRMLN song. Because remember, GRMLN’s sound goes a little all over the place.

(....when you do stream this song though you’re also going to say, “wow, this doesn’t sound like Wild Nothing at all... and you’d be right..... on THAT song.... but keep streaming... and you’ll see.... you’ll see.... so will you stream more than one?....shhhh.... say no more.... that’s a deal.)

Published November 12, 2013



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