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If you like short & fuzzy pop songs that veer towards the garage-y and glam-y, Happy Birthday just might be the new band for you. This Vermont band played their first show in November 2008 and very quickly signed to Sub Pop, who has already put out their most excellent debut (appropriately titled... wait for it... Happy Birthday). That solid album is so concise and quick; it's over just when you start really getting into it.

Happy Birthday just makes entertaining pop songs that are fun to hop around to for a few minutes. Well, "hop" may be the wrong word. That sounds like exerting too much energy for this laid-back fuzz-ness. Maybe they'll make you lean back and light up?

Anyway, this entertaining band isn't going to change the world. But is shifting the universe really what you want out of your rock 'n roll? Probably not. I just want some new songs to sing in the shower.

Happy Birthday will perhaps appeal to fans of Girls, maybe some Pixies stuff, and throw in The Smith Westerns too. And hey, you might also know singer Kyle Thomas by the name King Tuff (Tee Pee Records, Witch, Feathers). So that's cool.
Published May 5, 2010



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