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Written by Patrick McNamara

London’s Happyness are a deeliteful (no - SIC YOU) trio of three lads named Benji (singer/guitar) + Jonny (singer/bass) + Ash (drummer). They also have last names but there’s really no need to get into that here because by the time we’re done these guys might be your new favorite band and I don’t want you finding them in the phonebook (the year is 2014 A.D.) and ringing them up and trying to be their best friends and generally making their lives miserable all because you’re in love with the sounds they're slinging and it'll be Beatlemania 2.0 and it's just not worth it.

But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. At this point, maybe you’re just wondering what Happyness sound like... besides a goddamn deelite, obviously (now you know it was a goddamn choice). How about taking this description for a spin? Happyness plays fuzzed out jingle-jangle bliss that rocks you on the chill tip with a wink and a smile. Sounds like you’re new favorite band, right? Yeah. That’s totally what I thought.

Happyness have been compared to these bands: Pavement (definitely) + Sparklehorse + Eels + Yo La Tengo + Weezer (not so much). Additionally, their debut full-length album “Weird Little Birthday” (which is very deeliteful - and boy am I ever pissing off Google Docs spell check today) feature the following song names: “Great Minds Think Alike, All Brains Taste The Same” + “Baby, Jesus (Jelly Boy) + “Refrigerator Her” + “Pumpkin Noir.” And let me tell you there’s more giggling where those titles came from.

But it’s not all hahahas and LOLs and ROFLMFAOLSFUDBOOLLFOODF with Happyness. These songs are legit good. Don't take my word for it. Hell if I care. Stream this shit and you'll hear it for yourself. And after you love it you can thank me for bringing it to your attention by remaining calm and chill and not trying to stalk Happyness or anything like that, OK. Deal? Shhh. Say no more. That's a deal.

Published November 3, 2014



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