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Written by Patrick McNamara

Hard Girls are three dudes (Morgan + Mike + Max) from San Jose, CA that make working man's punk rock you can totally sing along to. It's bendy, shouty, sludgy, and pretty f$#%ing jubilant if I dare say so myself (pardon my fucking french).

The band lists their influences as Guided by Voices, Television, and Wire, so those are the bands I'm going to say Hard Girls sound like too. I'm not going to go against the makers of the music, man. But can I add that I'd really like to see Hard Girls tour with PUP and/or Restorations sometime because that would be a super sick bill with all sorts of sound synergies going on. Maybe I should get into tour managing and booking instead of tweeting and blobbing because that seems like a really fun job without any type of stress whatsoever. JK. Welcome to Costco I Luv U.

As of this writing (11:39 AM in the month of _______ in the year ________ A.D.) Hard Girls are touring with Say Anything + Cymbals Eat Guitars + Modern Baseball (you like those bands, right?) and they're probably playing songs off their solid album “Isn't It Worse" released back in 2014 on Really Records. As a matter of fact, you can listen to that album now if you want because I totally just sourced it from the World Wide Intrasphere for you to stream and might I be so bold as to suggest that you do? REMEMBER: works best if you blast it.

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Published May 4, 2015



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