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Hayden and the Elk-Lake Serenaders

Hayden, Canada's reclusive folkster, is absolutely adored by his fans. Granted his fan base consists of probably three hundred people, but they just can't seem to get enough of that low drone and out of tune guitar. They're, like, pack-up-the-car-and-scour-the-northern-frontier-to-find-his-log-cabin-home fans.

Ok, I'm not sure he lives in a log cabin, but his music sure feels like he does. You can just seem rocking away with his acoustic guitar, singing his heart out to no one but the embers of a dying fire.

His peeps were with him before anyone in Toronto cared. They stood by him as he was signed to a major, supported him when he was dropped, and cheered for him when he finally released another album three years later. His hauntingly beautiful and highly personal songs have that rare ability to cut away at that hard hipster exterior.

It's not hard to find Hayden these days. He's touring the States with his band. See him now and join his growing legion of fans before he once again retreats to the woods.
Published August 24, 2004



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