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Written by Patrick McNamara

If you're interested in hearing good hook-heavy swirl gaze - good news! You've come to the right place. You've landed on the right band page, man. Montreal’s Heat are five dudes (Sharma! Sherritt! Perri! Neufeld! Fiorentino!) who make just that. I don't know them personally (I had to research their first names) but judging them by the music they make (always a wise thing to do), Heat seem to be super chill. In that laid back Lou Reed battitude type of way.

Speaking of research, I do a lot of that when I write these dynamic band profiles. I definitely dig deep. And after intense trial and error and bottomless pots of coffee, I managed to discover Heat’s influences from their own “About Us” page on Facebook. I will now reveal their influences to the world for the very first time (in no particular order - except in the order they were listed on their Facebook page).

Heat influences = Gun Club + Jesus and Mary Chain + Velvet Underground (badditude) + Guided by Voices + The Strokes + Sonic Youth + Echo and the Bunnymen + Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Now that’s a good looking influences list. Research is intense. But it’s so worth, man. The more you give. The more you get.

Heat have recently played shows with Protomartyr and Parquet Courts. This is worth noting because those two bands are also good. And no matter what they tell you to the contrary, please remember this. Goodness wins. Every time.

Listen to the band’s brand new 5-song EP. Go ahead. I took the trouble of sourcing it and posting it down there for you. It's good. I suggest starting with track #1 “Susisfine” and ending with track #5 “Wild Eyes” but not before listening to track #2 “Rooms" and track #3 “25” and track #4 “Ritual” in that order.

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RIYL: songs that don't suck

Published May 27, 2014



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