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The name sort of says it all. So now allow me to spend several sentences saying more so I can justify my existence. Heavenly Beat is a perfectly pleasant (my Oh My Rockness partner says I say bands sound "pleasant" too much; but if that's a crime, go ahead and kill me pleasantly) new band from John Pena. Pena is a member of the mighty Beach Fossils (who are also very pleasant), so if you like that band you just might like this band.

Heavenly Beat makes easy-going guitar pop (lots of pretty noodling floating around here) with surprisingly thump-ish beats beefing up the background. I also hear a hint of Flamenco in here, but I would need a more investigative Flamenco study to determine if that hint solves the mystery.

Let's go back to Beach Fossils for a minute because everyone else will: if Beach Fossils is surf-ish pop, think of Heavenly Beat as pina colada pop. This is the type of music to recline to, the type of music that takes stress and headaches away... unless you had 18 pina coladas as you were relaxing to this, of course. Then you'd just think Heavenly Beat was puke-pop. But that's not a Heavenly Beat issue, that's your issue of not knowing when to say when. Get help.

And get this perfectly pleasant band's debut 7" out now on Captured Tracks (home to almost everyone awesome). You're going to like this band. If you don't, you've probably told a 2-year-old that Santa Claus isn't real at some point in your life.

Heavenly Beat - Suday by Ernestime
Published November 10, 2011



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