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Written by Patrick McNamara

I recently noticed that three out of the four bands on a line-up for an upcoming show were bands I like. I love when that happens. Because I’m a mostly lazy individual. And I prefer getting goodness delivered to me from several different sources without having to move to receive it.

The fourth band on this goodness-stacked bill I'd never heard of. But I can be a (lazy) betting man. So I said, “the odds are in my favor that this fourth band I’ve never heard of is a pretty good band too, because there’s often a pattern to be found amongst such things as these” (That’s the grammatically strange way I talk to myself. I don’t know why).

This unknown band turned out to be Heeney. And Heeney is the band I wanted to talk to you about today (but maybe I’ll tell you who the other three* good bands were on that bill later - depends on if you want to continue scrolling with me or not).

Now, lazy betting men don’t often win. But I tell you what, bub. I won with this wager. Because Heeney DID turn out to be a good band. These four guys spew noisy playful punk that punches you in the face. Not with a fist, though. No, no. That would be much too violent. And violence is a buzzkill. Heeney punches you in the face with a... let’s say... a banana cream pie. Heeney’s punk is like a banana cream pie face punch. Heeney: when delicious desserts attack!

The loud, meandering rhythms of this post-pie-punk come served with a smattering of deliriously happy guitar solos. It sounds like they’re having fun up there. And as mentioned many, many times here before - bands, when YOU have fun.... WE have fun.

If you like to get sloppy at shows, Heeney might be the band for you. But you gotta get the kind of sloppy that turns your normally hard heart to mush and your worldly concerns and frowns will dreamily be turned upside down. If you like to get sloppy at shows and then act like a jerk, Heeney isn’t the band for you. And neither is anyone or anything else until you chill, my brother.

Heeney remind me of Big Ups - another good up-and-comer. You can read more about what Big Ups is all about if you click that link. But get your own band profile, Big Ups. This is Heeney’s.

And Heeney is, indeed, a good band and today they made this lazy betting man a winner. (Unfortunately, I shall probably lose all of my fortune by nightfall and spend the long remaining hours of darkness mired in deep regret. Such is the curse of the lazy betting man. Oh well! Punk foreva!!!!!!!)

(*the other three good bands were Roomrunner + Greys + Weird Womb - BOOM!)

Published July 17, 2013



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