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Florida, Florida, Florida. Everybody wants to talk about Florida bands these days. Blind Man's Colour? Florida. Surfer Blood? Florida. The Drums? NYC --- but they wrote their songs in... Florida.

Man, I didn't even know Florida had a music scene. Sure, there's that Iron & Wine guy, but before that I thought Florida's last great musical output was The Miami Sound Machine. Gloria Estefan, Holiday Shores is not.

So what ARE Holiday Shores? Why, they're just another good band coming out of Florida of course. Their music is pretty, muddled lo-fi guitar pop with lots of strangely appealing melodies floating around here and there (I particularly appreciate random piano poundings between nice and untidy guitar riffs).

Singer Nathan Pemberton's perfectly off-key vocal styling reminds me of the Cymbals Eat Guitars singer who reminds me of Tim Kinsella. So if you like singers who strain to hit the high notes, but don't really care if they do, you'll like Holiday Shores' whole thing.

This sound is definitely not "clean." There's tons of distortion (on the vocals and the instruments) going on that you'll need to wade through to ride the wave of this pop, but it's all in good fun. Really, this music is just meant for a party. One big, fat, drunken, beach party.
Published September 23, 2009



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