((Holograms)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Here's the story about Holograms. They are four early twenty-something dudes from Stockholm who all work in a factory together and make aggressively melodic punk on the off hours. They don't have any money to buy better instruments than the shittty ones they already have. The result is messy and sweaty and boozy lo-fi punk that comes at you aggressive and angular and distorted and fast and, well, you get it. It's good stuff.

But the best thing about Holograms is not that their jams have that snappy angry energy we all know and love from our punk. No, the best thing about Holograms is all the pretty melodies they got going on over all this angst.

Punk and pretty? My goodness, who has ever heard of such a thing! Oh yeah, there was that whole "emo" movement, I suppose. But why are we talking about emo?

Let me break Holograms down to you right quick. You know that band Iceage? Holograms sounds like Iceage. But Holograms would sound MORE like Iceage if Iceage wrote songs you could (almost) get away with singing in the shower. Cool? We good? Whew. That was a rough one.

Published May 30, 2012



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