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Written by Patrick McNamara

Hooten Tennis Club is a band of four (Ryan + James + Callum + Harry) from Liverpool who play catchy lo-fi fuzz pop. It jingles. It jangles. It's not too precious. It's not too perfect. In summation, it's fun. Do you remember fun, dear Rockness reader? Can u still feel the butterflies?????

Rather than tell you who I think this band sounds like (Parquet Courts), why don't we hear from Hooten Tennis Club about their own influences? They say they like The Jesus & Mary Chain, Silver Jews, The Beach Boys, The Black Lips and Sonic Youth. Got all that? Good, because there's more. Beck, Supergrass, Ty Segall, Dinosaur Jr, Parquet Courts (hey, that's what I said) and some other band from Liverpool called The Bea….. and I can't read the rest.

They also say they're not that great at tennis. I wish I could say the same. It's a curse being able to serve so hard the ball flies not just over the net but over the fence.

The band (Murphy + Madden + McFadden + Chalmers) recently signed to London's Heavenly Records. No label in the US that I know of yet, so get on that, music industry peeps reading this right now (it's cool you can pretend you just stumbled upon this band on your own rather than reading about it right here on Oh My Rockness I don't give a shit as I don't need to pretend I'm something I'm not I discovered Latin what did you ever do).

Below are three good songs that will probably be on Hooten Tennis Club's debut album whenever that decides to come out. They better be, anyway. Catchiness like this doesn't fall to the cutting room floor. Nobody puts catchiness in the corner!

Have fun listening and (if applicable) signing.

RIYL: Andy Murray

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Published October 26, 2015



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