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Hospital Ships are a weirdo folk-emo-pop band (sure, that sounds good) from Lawrence, KS started and fronted by Jordan Geiger (The Appleseed Cast, Minus Story, ex-Shearwater). These guys make warbled music that’s accessibly frayed and melodically distorted. Their songs navigate through a dense forest of fuzzy instrumentation; the verses trudge forward seeking a small clearing for the bursting chorus to shoot straight up to the stars. Sure. That sounds good.

As for everybody’s favorite band comparison game. Perhaps think of Hospital Ships as if Youth Lagoon was in a better mood. Both have a similar vibe; tightly contained, well-constructed bedroom songs that make you FEEL something, man. And Youth Lagoon’s Trevor Powers has a similar voice to Geiger. But the key difference* between the two bands is that Hospital Ships will make you stop and smell the roses, where as Youth Lagoon will make you stop and smell the fleetingness of beauty and the surety of death as your nose gets pricked by the rose’s thorn. Yeahhhhh!

(*the other difference is that they are two completely different bands made by completely different people and probably shouldn’t even be compared to each other at all but that’s not important right now)

Alright. Enough words for the sake of words. Please enjoy a stream of Hospital Ships. Don’t play it hushed. Turn it up and really FEEL it. Unless you’re listening to this at work. Then turn it down. Or, put on headphones. And then get lost. As you click clack click click clack away on your keyboard - staring at a computer screen - and watching your days run away like wild horses over the hills. Yeahhhhhhh!

(PS How much does the melody of this song below sound like that one Bloc Party song? A LOT much.)

Published June 3, 2013



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