((House Olympics)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

You want to know how this House Olympics profile you’re about to enjoy came about? I’d be happy to tell you. I love going Behind the Music Blob. If your guess is that I got a press release and regurgitated whatever it said, you'd be wrong, but I don’t blame you for thinking that. You’ve been around many blobs and know the sad score. But I don’t do that shit, my brother. I’m able to find out about good bands on my own and then write my own shit. Wow! Rare! Mint!

Here’s how I found out about House Olympics. I saw a tweet from Boston band Aviator (I really like them and wrote about them too - give them a blast - but wait till we’re done with this please) and that fine band said they were playing a show with Bloomington, Indiana’s House Olympics. And I was like, “House in the Who Now?” Now, being the curious fellow that I am, and also a man not scared to admit that I don’t already know every good band in existence, I decided to do some investigative research. I scoured the World Wide Intrasphere and managed to unlock the key to House Olympics' bandcamp page and the results were shocking. This band SHREDS.

Here’s what I heard as a reward for being curious about the unknown. I heard super solid hardcore emo punk with a whole lot of pretty melodies floating above the shouts and SHREDS and swirling noise. Yes, it's the goodness. The lovely racket is made by three dudes (Adam + Brice + T.J + Nick) and I have already listened to their four song EP “...And My Mind is Restless” a bunch of times. Because once you start SHREDDING it’s extremely hard to stop.

You can go ahead and listen to House Olympics now and form your own opinions. I hope you enjoyed this profile and it inspires you to take more chances on bands you don't know. Because they're out there, man.... the good bands are out there. Fuck press releases and long live the SHREDS.


Published February 1, 2015



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