((Howse)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Howse is another young bedroom beat gunner who makes... well... house music. This is the mastermind work of 22-year-old Nathaniel Oak of Providence. And I'm telling you right now, these are some elite level jams. I might tell you that later, too. We'll see.

Now, it's always tricky to find ways to describe super solid instrumental music heavy on the synths, beats and bass. You might as well just say that and leave it at that. Right? But you're paying good money to read this free website, so I better make this band profile worth your while.

Let's see... when I listen to Howse I feel better about things. Solid jams just do that to me. What else? When I listen to Howse I drum along with my fingers. Actually, I'm about to listen right now. Watch what my fingers automatically do. AAAASSSSDDDDFFFF. See? My left hand on the home row goes crazy when Howse comes on. Every time. I better turn it off for your sake.

What else. Oh, I know. How about I just embed a Howse track to end this thing? Yes. I love that idea. And you'll love it too; because you've most likely already pressed play at the bottom instead of reading this profile. And I don't blame you for your scrolling, dear Rockness reader. I don't blame you one bit. (P.S. These are some elite level jams.)

Published March 29, 2012



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