((Hum)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Yes! I'm so glad these guys are playing around again. You remember Hum, right? Sure you do. They had that one semi-hit "Stars" that you probably saw the video for on MTV around 1994. And you probably thought, "Awesome. This band is loud, but the singer sings kind of soft and pretty!" It was a welcome respite from all those bad grunge-y singers doing their bad grunge-y thing in those days.

This little Champaign, IL band with the big guitar sound released a few really good records that I still put on all these years later. For whatever reason, they never really made it (definitely not like their neighbors and contemporaries, Smashing Pumpkins, did, but they probably made it a bit more than their pals The Poster Children... another awesome Champaign guitar band).

But it's nice that Hum is back together and playing a show or two again. Unlike many recently reformed '90s bands, this musical reunion's got to be simply for the love of the game. By the way, did you see that recent Cadillac commercial and thought that awesome background music might be an old Hum song that was in some forgotten corner of your brain? Well, it was. Cadillac and Hum? Weird.

Published December 16, 2008



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