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Brooklyn's Hunters are a post-thrash-garage-punk band featuring the dueling yelps of Derek Watson on Isabel Almeida. These dirty, distorted guitar/bass/drums jams of barely controlled destruction recall those trashy days of Williamsburg, Brooklyn circa 2002. Remember that era - back before the condos controlled Bedford and back when you could smoke in bars while drinking a 32 oz. container for, like, three bucks or something? Yeah. Those were good days. I think. I don't really remember.

And now Hunters coming rocking a noble new sound with a slight nod to those halcyon nights of yesteryear. Those nights I used to go out and mix it up in a bout of joyful fisticuffs every night of the week (now I just do this on Tuesdays - when the sundae bar at Sizzler is free). So let's give these mighty yelps grimy guitar goodness another solid go. I'm ready. I could use some more joyful fisticuffs in my life. It's been too long. And the seasons, they go 'round and 'round. And the painted ponies, they go up and down. We're all just captive on the carousel of time.

Now who wants to go get a chicken slice at Anna Maria's and then go explore the abandoned piers along the East River with me?

Published November 7, 2012



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