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It's always nice to stumble upon a band that you know they know exactly what they're doing, who aren't just fucking around... a band that believes in craftsmanship. Stockholm, Sweden's I Break Horses are one of those bands.

Not too many people, even professional musicians, can create such a rich musical world as this. I Break Horses is electronic pop bliss; lovingly and painstakingly made by (singer/songwriter/show runner) Maria Linden and Fredrik Balck. With intricate cerebral melodies that sound like they've just been delivered on the backs of angels coming down from heaven, I Break Horses' aim is to seemingly make your heart burst with an equal measure of happiness and sadness. And they do so with rhythmic precision.

Linden's hushed vocals are the perfect complement to I Break Horses' soaring synth scapes that swirl and swell and gently explode. Think of this richly textured musical transcendence as M83 meets Sigur Ros meets all those old good shoegaze bands of yesteryear.

I Break Horses' debut album is coming out soon, and I'm guessing they're going to be really, really popular. After all, everyone wants musical transcendence, right?
Published August 24, 2011



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