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I know very little about Brooklyn's I'm Turning Into. One of the few things I do know is that I'm Turning Into is one helluva cliffhanger band name. Cliffhanger band names rule! I should start my own cliffhanger band and call it "You Make Me ---" but I guess I'd need to get Richard Hell's permission first.

Anyway, one of the other few things I know about I'm Turning Into is that I'm just starting to like these guys. Someone in the band wrote Rockness an email and said something like "check us out," and because they didn't say Oh My Suckness once, we did. Thanks to their heads-up, I now get to write a profile about a new favorite band. I love it when that happens.

Another thing I know is that the three dudes in I'm Turning Into have a really rocking song called "Nonlocal" which I've listened to a bunch of times already. This exceptionally nostalgic song reminds me of those good indie rock songs of old --- the bands I liked when I first started getting into indie rock back in, like, 1994. You know those old songs I mean.

If I had to characterize I'm Turning Into, I just might say they are "rousing." But maybe after many more listens I'll feel like changing that characterization to "raucous." They definitely seem to have a crazy edge to their garage-y, punk-y and rock-y music. Some of their songs are really out there and go into extreme jam mode, but that's ok. I've always been a sucker for well placed guitar squeals and yelping harmonies and fanatical musical beat downs and break downs anyway.

So really, the main thing I know about I'm Turning Into is that I'm getting to like this band. And I'll leave you with a new band name idea, "I'm Going to Take This Band Profile And."
Published October 7, 2009



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