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I've always loved Cheetahs. Sorry, Chee-tos. I never really thought about Jaguars too much, but now I know that I love them, too. Seattle's Jaguar Love is Johnny Whitney (of The Blood Brothers!), Cody Votolato (of The Blood Brothers!) and J Clark (our favorite guitar player in Pretty Girls Make Graves!). With these three dudes joining up, there's no way this new project could suck.

And Jaguar Love does not suck. Does not suck, indeed. This is melodic punk with plenty of bounce and lots of refrains where you want to raise your hands over your head and clap really fast. You know, Ted Leo style. This is music meant to be played only by insanely talented guitar players and absurdly high-register vocalists.

Good thing Jaguar Love's got both of those covered. They sound like a little less spazzy The Blood Brothers crossed with a little more spazzy Pretty Girls Make Graves. Were really stepping out on a limb, eh? Oh yeah, Matador is putting out their debut full-length, so it will probably sell a bajillion copies.
Published July 1, 2008



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