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I'm an adept underwater swimmer. Above water, forget it. I gasp and flail and snort and sneeze and snot gets all over my chest and trunks. I'm a mess above the surface. But underwater, I feel the rush and the silence and the peace and my body becomes a torpedo of flesh and fluid motion. That's how it feels, anyway. If I'm honest with the truth, underwater I'm like Benjamin Braddock sitting on the bottom of his parents' pool worrying like a baby about his future. But at least no one can bother me.

California's Jeans Wilder sounds just like being underwater, so maybe that's why I feel kind of serene when I listen to them. Well, I shouldn't really say "them" because Jean Wilder is really the work of one man, Andrew Caddick.

The bedroom music Caddick makes is lo-fi & psych-y slow. It swirls languidly, it's measured in its melodies, and it is lazily appealing. I guess it's just a leisurely seashore dream. But it's not ideal to listen to this when you're floating on a raft sipping something cold in a koozie. Jeans Wilder isn't clean enough for that.

Nope, this is music meant for underwater accompaniment where things are muddled and rich and heavy and lonely and pleasant. Jeans Wilder would probably appeal to fans of similar vibe bands like Best Coast, Beach Fossils, Ducktails, Real Estate and Blank Dogs. Things are often easier and sometimes just kind of better underwater -- 'til the air runs out. Then being underwater sucks.
Published September 30, 2009



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