((Jensen Sportag)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

You would think Jensen Sportag was a Swedish singer/songwriter, wouldn't you? Or was that just me? But no, Jensen Sportag is a duo from Nashville (is that in Scandinavia?) that makes sweetly soulful atmospheric electro pop that'll smooth your body down to its essential nakedness.

Their jams have a mostly slow pulse to them, as they leisurely glitch and click towards extended groove territories. Groove territories? What? Forge that; what I'm trying to tell you is that Jensen Sportag's songs aren't necessarily club THUMPERS. They're club SEDUCERS.

Sure, they got some bass and boom to them (this is electronic music, after all) but they got a whole lot more booty. Know what I mean? As in your butt.

Check out Jensen Sportag's "Pure Wet" EP on better-by-the-day label Cascine (Chad Valley, Selebrities and more of our favorites). Love that label.

Oh yeah, if you like Toro y Moi I can see how you would totally be into this. And maybe Washed Out too. Finally, you'll also like Jensen Sportag if you like good music too. And sex.

Published December 8, 2011



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